Team Registration Fee

$400 / U8 – U10

$650 / U11 – U19 ($750 if 2 or more international teams in age group)

Bracket Prelims & Qtr Semi Finals Finals Overtime Finals Ball Size
U17/18 2 x 30 mins 2 x 35 mins 2x 45 mins 2 x 10 mins 5
U16/15 2x 30 mins 2 x 35 mins 2 x 40 mins 2 x 10 mins 5
U14/13 2 x 25 mins 2 x 30 mins 2 x 35 mins 2 x 10 mins 5
U12/11 2 x 25 mins 2 x 30 mins 2 x 30 mins 2 x 10 mins 4
U10/9/8 2 x 20 mins 2 x 25 mins 2 x 25 mins 2 x 5 mins 4

Waipio Soccer Complex

93-061 Waipio Point Acces Rd

Waipahu, HI 96797

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Steve Baker – CEO

(310) 376-7929

In its 24th edtion, the 2017 Hawaii International Cup (HIC) is open to U.S. and international teams with divisions for boys & girls from U8 through U19. The HIC accommodates all levels of play and is the largest competitive youth soccer tournament in Hawaii.

The Honolulu Bulls Soccer Club – Hawaii’s oldest and most successful soccer club – hosts the Hawaii International Cup and is dedicated to continuing its proud history by presenting a quality competitive tournament to teams from all countries, the continental United States and the Hawaiian Islands.

In the past, international teams from Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Guam, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Canada and Sweden, along with U.S. teams from California, New Mexico, New Jersey, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Delaware, Arizona, Wisconsin, Virginia, New York, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Hawaii have combined to make this Hawaii’s premier youth tournament.

Each team is guaranteed at least four games at the Waipio Peninsula Soccer Park, located near Pearl Harbor. Waipio Soccer Park has 21 fields including a 4000-seat soccer-specific stadium and is only 15 miles from hotels in Waikiki.

Waipio Soccer Complex